Things to Do With Children in Istanbul

ViaSea Akvaryum

ViaSea Akvaryum

At the Viasea Aquarium, the world's first climate-themed aquarium, you will be able to observe the lives of thousands of underwater creatures living in different climates.

At the Viasea Aquarium, where education and fun come together, there are over 12,000 sea creatures waiting for you in 47 different thematic exhibitions. By looking under the water of the Bosphorus, you can open the gates of a world filled with sharks in Istanbul's longest underwater aquarium tunnel.

Feeding Koi fish with bottle and participating in special day-to-day limited-edition Vatose feeding activities, which you can only experience at Viasea Aquarium, you can get information from our guides only on live species exhibited at the Viasea Aquarium.

Tema Park:

Viasea Tema Park, located in Viaport Marina, which is the world's first 5-function marina and living center, is located at the junction of Istanbul, Kocaeli, Bursa, Yalova and Adapazari in Tuzla on the Anatolian side of Istanbul. .

At Viasaa Theme Park, which promises to have a fun and beautiful day similar to the guests of all ages, there are a total of 28 separate entertainment units along with the phenomenon Red Fire, which is among the most exciting roller coaster of the world.

Designed using world-class technology, Viasea Tema Park has a classic Turkish amusement park as well as modern entertainment facilities.

The Viasea Aquarium and the Viasea Theme Park, which are interwoven with the Via Entertainment family entertainment center, serve the entertainment units of the world's best producers.

Viasea Tema Park, guests; professional guest associations, unit operation, food and beverage, baby care, security, cleaning and sickbay services.

Game Center

Via Entertainment, which has a project with a slogan of "Family Fun", offers entertainment to its guests with its game room created in its own right.

More than 100 people can enjoy playing at the same time in the family entertainment center, which has 74 funny game units.

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At the Via Entertainment Bowling Hall, sports, entertainment, competition, music and eating and drinking are all together.

Built on 4000 sqm area, Via Entertainment offers a 10-lane bowling experience.

Designed by the Italian design giant Pininfarina, Switch Bowling has a very modern and elite lineup with equipment and seating groups. The Via Entertainment Bowling Hall is a perfect day for the players with glow light, a strong sounding music infrastructure and an interesting scoreboard system.

The Via Entertainment Bowling Hall, which can be played over 10 lines, also has 4 "child shield systems". Thanks to the child shield system, our tiny guests can keep the bowling ball on the line and have fun by turning the shots into numbers.


Via Entertainment Cinemas presents the highest quality productions of the vision with a total of 539 audience capacity on 5 seas. Using 3D, Dolby Digital Sound System and silver curtains and the best components of movie theater technology, Via Entertainment Cinemas allows you to watch movies in the comfort of your home with a 87 cm seat position.

architecture with modern lines, daylight foyer, Turkey's Soda Bar which serves local ale with a rich buffet and VIP Lounge with Entertainment Via Cinemas brings a different understanding of the history of cinema and theater


More than 500 brands in quality 152 stores, and outlet concept at Viaport Marina Outlet Shopping Mall. By taking the sea air you can give your entertainment in Viasea between shopping and eating and drinking.

You will get quality at a low price with its wide streets, brand diversity and outlet concept. You will feel different at Viaport Marina Outlet Shopping Mall.

You can follow this link to visit the Viaport Marina Outlet Shopping Mall website.