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Arab Spring in Turkish Tourism

Arab Spring in Turkish Tourism

In recent years, tourists from middle eastern and north African countries have been flocking to Turkey. The number of Arab tourists increased from 687,000 ten years ago to over 4,000,000 (2011), even more in 2012. Arabs come to Turkey all year long( spring, summer, fall, winter) not only for summer-sea purposes.

Whole family Arab tourists do everything, visiting museums, historical places, shopping malls,  buying furniture and bride dress for their wedding, shopping at jewelery and clothing stores, etc. While in Turkey, getting health treatment and dental service is very common. Most Arab tourists come a second time in the same year after seeing Turkey.

Rising star of Turkey in recent years and popular Turkish tv serials are common factors to attract Arab tourists. Arab tourists like the variety of Turkey, shore cities with nice beaches and coves, cool cities with their wide area forests, metropol cities like Istanbul and Bursa.

Health treatment is one of the most common purpose to visit Turkey besides vacation, resting and shopping. The reason of more people to prefer Turkey for health treatment is that Turkey offers high quality and technological treatment with a very low pricing compared to European countries ( more European country citizens get health treatment in Turkey). Giving an example, Turkey’s price level is 50% lower than England’s. Arabs’ some most common treatments are eye treatment and hair plantation. Other common treatments are for cancer, diet, cosmetic surgery, birth, etc. For example, number of Libyan tourists increased by 664% in 2012 and 80% of it is health-purposed.

Foreigners visiting Turkey are very much interested in Istanbul property options and Turkish real estates.

Number of Arab Tourists increased 6 times in past 10 years :

Year Number of Arab Tourists
2001 687,183
2002 841,770
2003 957,968
2004 1,282,666
2005 1,707,501
2006 1,613,339
2007 1,970,173
2008 2,288,168
2009 2,819,034
2010 3,776,225
2011 4,023,653


Country 2001 2011
Iran 327,146 1,879,304
Syria 109,697 974,054
Tunusia 44,961 63,176
Algeria 39,904 84,844
Libya 31,473 53,562
Jordan 26,914 94,914
Egypt 22,396 79,665
Lebanon 22,334 137,110
S. Arabia 20,612 116,711
Iraq 16,378 369,033
Morocco 11,788 68,645
Kuwait 5,325 41,617
UAE 3,398 35,579
Bahrain 2,337 9,712
Yemen 1,416 8,066
Qatar 609 7,661

Still, more western, especially European country citizens enjoy Turkey, Germans have 15-16% share, the  French, Italians, the English, Americans, the Dutch follow.