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Farm in Erdek - Balıkesir

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On Sale 1,000,000 $ - Land

Multi-purpose Farm in Erdek For Sale

Investment Opportunity!!! $5,000,000 worth property is for $1,000,000..

American citizen owned beautiful multi-purpose-farm for sale…
Designed with all details, A to Z…
It will be your home with a nice house and your business to have good crops from 2,000trees and 28,500sqm-land…
Erdek’s potential for rising prices will make your investment so valuable in a short run… Great opportunity to have a property in Turkey..

The location of Farm is in Erdek (in the direction to Ocaklar), Turkey. It is in the city of Balikesir.
Today, the farm is a fully functional Olive Farm (with 1,300 olive trees) which also produces fruit (with 650 trees) and vegetables from seasonal gardens. There is approximately 29,000 m2 of space on the property, and the entire land site is highly productive. The soil is well cared for in accordance with Organic standards, and only natural fertilizers are used on the property.
For a group that might be interested in owning and operating a larger farm, adjacent property is also available to consider for purchase. This adjacent land would add approximately 100,000 m2 to the contiguous the site.
One of the key advantages of the the site is it’s location. Via Ferry Boat from Yenikapi in Istanbul, the city of Bandırma can be reached in two hours – then, it is a twenty minute drive from the ferry boat landing to the farm. By private yacht – the trip from Istanbul can be made across the Marmara Sea in approximately two to four hours (depending upon the type of vessel one uses).

Section One:
The Farm infrastructure has been developed professionally, and the property includes:
1. One natural water spring – functional year round;
2. One water well – 90 meters deep which was drilled and developed in unison with the Geologic Team of engineers in the offices of the state in Balikesir;
3. Water pipe system which is 10,000 meters long runs throughout the property to properly distribute water to each tree and vegetable garden on the site;
4. Electric Service connected to the Erdek Municipality System;
5. An Emergency Generator; Aksa 25KW
6. Telephone system connected to Turk Telekom in Erdek (complete with ADSL internet system);
7. A security fence which surrounds the entire property;
8. A Granit paved roadway from the front gate to the house (and behind the house- with a granit walkway completely encircling the house);
9. An Olive Storage House located at the bottom of the property;
10. A secondary roadway from the main entrance road to the Olive Storage House;
11. A specially constructed Gazebo located at the top of the property with a view of Erdek and the Marmara Sea.
12. A two bedroom house- with a combined kitchen / Salon living area separated by a bar – complete with four high bar chairs – with air conditioning and heating systems – and a chimney / fireplace – a large terrace with a beautifull view of Erdek and the Marmara sea;
13. The house is completely furnished with two stoves / ovens and one double refrigerator;
14. There are four freezers stocked with food and fruit from the gardens
15. There are two water ponds which are used to irrigate the trees and gardens. The water pipe system is connected to both water ponds;
16. The views from any site on the property are beautiful, dramatic and inspirational. The property looks downward to a small valley, to Erdek, and to the Marmara Sea,
17. There is a second house on the property – to the east of the main house, and permission can be obtained from the Erdek Belediye to renovate the house – to accommodate another residence – (as long as it remains within the same site and size of the current non functioning home),

18. For outdoor cooking, there is a specially designed and built stainless steel Grill and a traditional Turkish Oven built into the side of the steep incline on the west part of the main terrace,
19. To travel to the farm, a road is taken from the main highway from Erdek to Ocaklar — turn right – then travel through the farm then up the mountain to the entrance,
20. The property is located on a 15% slope and it is terraced from top to bottom which helps to prevent damage to the soil when rains and snows come, and it is used most efficiently with the terraces.

Section Two:Investments and Improvements to the farm and Facilities on Site:
• Conversion / construction of a house on site to a two bedroom – 3 bath – comfortable home with a large terrace overlooking the valley – with dramatic views of the Marmara Sea – complete with large outdoor stainless steel grill and in earth oven (village style) and with a Gazebo (located on a slope above the house) for viewing and entertaining purposes
• Construct water Pump storage building
• Construct Olive processing and storage building (400 m2) to house the olive oil, the black olives (while maturing) in seven (7) Vats that are 9 feet deep and 3.5 feet wide
• Continuous caring for the soil in accordance with Organic Standards – and to produce maximum crops in all areas of the property. The trees are kept trimmed in accordance with professional farming standards.
Over the past 12 years, total amount of funds invested for land and improvements are $3,000,000.00 (current value is app.$5,000,000). Since investment period was over years, investment value is higher in today’s market. Despite this fact, sale of the property is now being considered in the price of $1,000,000.00 due to the owner”s private reasons – and also some negotiations being considered to assist a potential buyer and the seller reach fast agreement.


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