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Export Strategy of Turkey For the Year of 2023

Export Strategy of Turkey For the Year of 2023

Turkish Exports Strategy for 2023” was initiated by the Ministry of Economy and Turkish Exporters Assembly in 2009. The main purpose of this strategy is to reach 500 billion dollars of exports volume in 2023, the centenary anniversary of the Turkish Republic, with an average of 12% increase in exports annually.

Here are the highlights :

  • Increasing the share of exports in the world trade to 1.5%
  • Increasing the share of exports in GDP to 25%
  • Becoming an Export Oriented Production Hub of Eurasia in Medium and High Tech Products
  • Last 11 Years For The 100th Anniversary Of The Republic Of Turkey
  • Becoming one of the top 10 economies in the World
  • Reaching 500 billion dollars of merchandise exports
  • Becoming an export oriented production hub of Eurasia in medium and high tech products
  • Planned to reach 80% exports/imports ratio in 2023

Some crucial actions to realize the target :

  • Focusing trade activities on target markets
  • Enhancing the export capacity of SME’s
  • Increasing the number of global Turkish brands in the world
  • Making Istanbul an international fashion, fair and trade center
  • Carrying out projects on R&D and development of international competitiveness in order to increase sectoral exports capacity
  • Increasing the number of national participations to international fairs, general and sectoral trade delegations and buying missions in target markets
  • Implementing sectoral and country based diversification strategy in export composition
  • Providing crucial inputs for exports
  • Creating sectoral clusters for gaining competitiveness in international markets
  • Improving in logistic facilities of Turkey

September 2012