Things to Do With Children in Istanbul


Istanbul Dolphinarium, being the largest indoor dolphinarium in Europe, has opened its doors to public at the end of 2008. Istanbul Dolphinarium is a joint project between Turkish Republic and Russian Federation and takes an important role in improving cultural and social relations between the two countries. The opening ceremony of Istanbul dolphinarium was attended by Kadir Topbaş (Mayor of Istanbul), Leonid Slutskiy (1st vice-president of International Affairs Committee of RF Parliament), Lev Muhamedov (CEO of Utrij Dolphinarium) and many other state authorities, businessmen, students and Istanbul residents.

Istanbul Dolphinarium complex was built on the area of 8,695 square meters, out of which 5,800 square meters is an indoor space. The pool system filled with sea water and consisting of 7 interconnected pools has volume of 3,100 cube meters in total. The main show pool has radius of 16.5 meters and depth of 5 meters The show amphitheater has 950 seats, including 64-seat VIP tribune.

At Dolphinarium’s cafeteria, you can spend some joyful moments with your family and friends over a cup of coffee or enjoy our tasty snacks. There are the group menus available at the cafeteria for special occasions such as birthday celebrations, business meetings or cocktails. Also, there is a parking area for approximately 120 vehicles available for their guests free of charge.

The shows start at 2 p.m. and takes approximately 1 hour.