Expectations of foreign buying real estate in Turkey at a value of 10 billion dollars this year

He said specialized in real estate sector, that Turkey aims to double the value of the real estate sold to foreigners, to reach 10 billion dollars this year, at the time when the value of five billion dollars last year.

The competent noted, Noah Ihsanoglu, that 2016 will witness a big shift in the real estate sales, which continued to rise significantly during the past years, thanks to the establishment of more housing projects of which targeted a large part of the middle class and limited income. He noted Noah Ihsanoglu said that the decline in the value of the interest on the real estate sales largely contributed, in attracting investments and buyers, stressing the necessity to maintain the rate of benefits without one percent.

He said Investors Association chairman real estate developers, Turkish, Omar Farouq, Foreigners bought approximately 22 to 23 thousand residential units in Turkey during the last year, and indicated that Iraq and Saudi Arabia, Russia and the United Arab Emirates and Britain Azerbejan was at the top of the Lists of States most interested in the real estate market and Turkish.

He also wished the Omar Farouk to achieve this year sales worth 10 billion dollars, saying that in case the arrival of number of properties sold to foreigners to 50-100 thousand property can then talk about the phenomenon of foreign interest in the Turkish real estate, more seriously.