Dalia Beach Club Kilyos

The Dalia Beach Club started operating in Summer of 2002 and has been targeting to create the Mediterranean feeling for the people in Black Sea.

With their green areas, bars, extraordinary fish menu in restaurant, private security, parking lot with thousand cars capacity, a beach volleyball field and a book reading area, The Dalia Beach Club is sure to satisfy you. Available in summer or winter, spring or fall, day or night anytime you wish.

You can easily get rid of stress of the city and working in peace in the nature.

In Dalia you can relax and get rid of your stress in an amazing scene of nature by trekking, playing beach volleyball or surfing in the sea with your loved ones. Entertainment and fun in Dalia is waiting for you.

Their restaurant has experienced cooks which creates delicious cuisines and their staff makes you feel the meaning of perfect service and enjoyable atmosphere. In Dalia, you can get more pleasure of the sunset with their enriched dishes. Especially their seafood is exceptional and one of a kind.