Wattabe Outdoor Sport Club

The Wattabe Beach, located at Büyükçekmece, near lake, is considered as the first center for natural sports in Turkey, has a 1 km long beach and is sprawled on a 610,000 m² area. There are watersports, motorsports and natural sports. This will be loved most commonly by those who are nature lovers wherein they can enjoy their stay through handful of unique activities like swimming, sailing, mountain biking, using the ATV, canoeing, windsurfing, surfing and paintball.

Its restaurant is serving delectable cuisines including salads, grilled meats and dishes consisting with fresh vegetables dazzled with olive oil.

This venue is 55 kilometers from the city and built upon a huge estate located right on the river. You will enjoy sprawling out on the grass or hiding out under the shade of one of the many trees. What’s great about Wattabe is that you can take advantage of these activities or just lay out on the grass; all types of leisure are welcome.