Poyrazköy Beach Beykoz

One of the many “villages of the Bosphorus”, Poyrazköy, a fishing village, is situated on Istanbul’s Asian side and one of the closest settlements to the Black Sea, on the Bosphorus’ exit. Since it is the first land of the city by entering from Black Sea, it had always been the military and trading importance. Almost everyone in the village earn their life by fishing or related business. It has nice beach which offer to swim in cold Black Sea water.

In order to reach this pretty village you must pass Beykoz and about 4 km later, on the left-hand side, follow the Poyrazköy-Anadolu Feneri (Anatolian Lighthouse) signs. You’ll then continue through the forest on a narrow, windy road. Heading towards the Anatolian Lighthouse, on the left you’ll see the road sign indicating Poyrazköy, and you’ll head down towards the Bosphorus shore.

Although the village is located on top of a hill, there is a road leading to the beach just before the village. The beach is not very long however, has some dressing rooms, cafes and restaurants nearby. In there, you can always find free chaise longue and umbrella. Poyrazköy is naturally protected from the rough winds and currents and is therefore a suitable choice for yachts and boats to anchor during the warmer months. It is quite crowded during these times and causes a bit of pollution but overall it’s a clean beach.

There is also a “women only” part of beach where those who desire can have a girls day out with their friends. It is open all summer and all of it’s staff consists of women.

There are 2 female and 6 male lifeguards and an emergency room.

Admission is 7.5 TRY per person.