Küçüksu Beach Beykoz

Küçüksu Beach, located in Beykoz, once Murad IV a Sultan of the Ottoman Empire enjoyed to swim and called his favorite beach Silver Cypress. This small sandy enclave on the north eastern shore of the Bosphorus is public, but beware as the currents here can get tricky and best left to non-amateurs.

Just a short ferry ride from the European side of the Bosphorus will take you to Küçüksu Beach with spectacular views of the Bosphorus bridge and the confluence of Europe and of Asia. Laying under the sun is a popular pastime here and it has a small sandy cove where dolphins are sometimes visible. If luck and current are in your favor, you may spot of a dolphin or two while soaking up the timelessness of this great city’s waters from your perch on a deck chair shaded by a grass umbrella.

Küçüksu Beach has a 300 person capacity and 300 meters long beach. There are 200 sunbeds, 200 umbrellas, 1 lifeguard tower, 5 lifeguards, 1 rescue boat, 1 ambulance, 1 buffet, 10 dressing rooms, 78 dressing cupboards and a 6 person shower.