Uzunkum Beach Şile (Aquabeach)

Şile Uzunkum Beach (Aquabeach) is quite a big beach (1 km) and less crowded and more proper compared to other
Şile Beaches. It also has the cleanest water and most beautiful sea in Şile Beaches.

To reach Uzunkum Beach you will need to continue right, to Ağlayankaya Street, from Şile center. Entrance to
beach is on top of a hill and you’ll need to pay 10 TRY if you came with your car. It may be bit hard to find
a parking spot on crowded times. After a 2 minute walk down the hill you will reach the beach. There is a private
part (Aquabeach) and a public part. Entrance to Aquabeach costs 30 TRY. A sunbed, one bewerage, french fries and
cookies included. You will need to pay extra price for cabins, showers and toilets. Shower is 2.5 TRY, cabin and
toilet is 1 TRY.

There is a small buffet that can satisfy your hunger or thirst. Some days Aquabeach has parties. Water is warm
here but Black Sea’s waves can be felt. Although it is fun to play with waves, they sometimes make swimming
harder than it normally is. You can’t find moss or jellyfish here and it’s sand is thin, no pebbles.

There is a comfort shuttle service from Üsküdar center and Ümraniye center which departs every 30 minutes.