Sarıyer Altınkum Beach for Women

The beach ton com for women in order to place women swim comfortably in the sea completely interferes with pearl strait and historical place for hiking and beach Marine Hur Sarir Rumeli. We began our travels daily to the beach seven days a week, including (Saturday and Sunday), accompanied by a flight attendant to the women’s beach.

Delivery of the door of the house
We connect you in the door of the house until the evening.

Services included in the price:

  • Table and chairs on the beach
  • Entry fee beach
  • Back – return service fee
  • Children in the 0-6 age free of charge
  • Delivery of the door of the house in the evening until we connect door of the house
  • All staff and rescuers are female
  • There is at the beach locker rooms, shower areas, a mosque and a medical team
  • Note: boys larger than 9 years old are unacceptable
  • Identity Card is required when access to the beach for your kids