The beach ton com for women in order to place women swim comfortably in the sea completely interferes with pearl strait and historical place for hiking and beach Marine Hur Sarir Rumeli. We began our travels daily to the beach seven days a week, including (Saturday and Sunday), accompanied by a flight attendant to the women’s beach.

  • Departure – Arrival and the beach is 25 lira per person, including entrance fee
  • 0 -7 children from the age of are free
  • 7-10 fee for children aged between 10 lira
  • Over 8 years old boys are not taken to the beach
  • Our service to the nearest street to pick you return home , they leave in the same point
  • 7 days a week is just specific to women
  • You can bring food and drinks with you . Picnic area is available
  • You must book your place call at least 1 day before
  • Departure time in the morning to 7:30 in the evening 18.00 return
  • Eyüp / Istanbul

Forget the clubs of the Bosphorus, Taksim bars and Karaköy’s hipsters, for the second consecutive summer, people go to Suma Beach, just 30 minutes outside of Istanbul.

Suma Beach is located in the Gümüşdere district of Kilyos on the Black Sea. By day there is a yellow sandy beach, hot and soft under foot. The beach is backed by rolling farmland of a green lusher than you might expect so close to Istanbul.

BURC Beach Club is situated on Gümüşdere Region, on a 2 km long sandy strip on the beautiful Black Sea coast in Kilyos, at north coast of Istanbul. BURC Beach is situated on a wonderful cove like the other beaches in Kilyos. BURC Beach, a branch of Boğaziçi University Alumni Association, offers you sea and vacation pleasure next to Istanbul with it’s tanning terrace, cafe & bar and fish restaurant. Burc Beach, active at Boğaziçi University Kilyos Saritepe Campus since 2001, with its service quality is one of most popular places in Istanbul and its only half an hour drive from town center. It is also open to non-alumni.

If you’re looking for a calm and relaxing beach instead of a beach club, Baykuş Beach is the beach for you. Baykuş Beach is Mimar Sinan Fine Arts School’s hangout place in the black sea. It can be accessed by car but they also have a private service that requires reservation.

Tirmata Beach is a pretty beach close to Kilyos center, right next to Solar Beach Club, located on a beautiful cove and offers great weekend breaks and attractions to its visitors with its service, restaurants & bars and water sports activities. The beach hosts a wide range of exciting activities such as jet-skiing, banana boat riding, pedal boating, beach volleyball and football. It has 5000 person and 3000 vehicle capacity and has been serving for 30 years. However your group needs a female companion to enter the beach.

Seanergy Beach Club in Gümüşdere has been a popular beach in the Kilyos area since 2006. They have 300-meter long beach where visitors can enjoy the sun, sea and the golden sands. It is a beach club by the Black Sea that offers many leisure facilities along a 17,000 square meter green space and 6,000 meter of beach area.

Şile Uzunkum Beach (Aquabeach) is quite a big beach (1 km) and less crowded and more proper compared to other
Şile Beaches. It also has the cleanest water and most beautiful sea in Şile Beaches.

Küçüksu Beach, located in Beykoz, once Murad IV a Sultan of the Ottoman Empire enjoyed to swim and called his favorite beach Silver Cypress. This small sandy enclave on the north eastern shore of the Bosphorus is public, but beware as the currents here can get tricky and best left to non-amateurs.

Situated on Galatasaray Island, set in the middle of the Bosporus with a 360 degree panoramic view of Istanbul, Suada is one of the most unique venues in Istanbul. Created in 2006 by the club mogul who owns the wildly popular celebrity hangout nightclub, Reina. Although the original vision was for a club catering to the wealthy who are far too busy to go away on a well-deserved vacation, everyone are let in and allowed to get a taste of the good life.

One of the many “villages of the Bosphorus”, Poyrazköy, a fishing village, is situated on Istanbul’s Asian side and one of the closest settlements to the Black Sea, on the Bosphorus’ exit. Since it is the first land of the city by entering from Black Sea, it had always been the military and trading importance. Almost everyone in the village earn their life by fishing or related business. It has nice beach which offer to swim in cold Black Sea water.

The Wattabe Beach, located at Büyükçekmece, near lake, is considered as the first center for natural sports in Turkey, has a 1 km long beach and is sprawled on a 610,000 m² area. There are watersports, motorsports and natural sports. This will be loved most commonly by those who are nature lovers wherein they can enjoy their stay through handful of unique activities like swimming, sailing, mountain biking, using the ATV, canoeing, windsurfing, surfing and paintball.

Located near Demirciköy region in Kilyos, a hidden bay in Istanbul where joy, fun, entertainment, holiday, sea, sand, sun, gorgeous flavors and unique tastes are present, Uzunya Beach’s relaxed and natural atmosphere complete with wicker umbrellas, clean sand, and grass make it a favorable spot to get out of the city . Uzunya’s private beach is cleaned routinely. Included are a seafood restaurant and other snack providing options as well as camping grounds for those who want to spend more time in nature and away from the cosmopolitan.

Located on the Black Sea coast in Kilyos, Turban Road, Solar Beach has been open since 2002, spread over an area of 30,000 m² and is one of the largest beaches in the region with 3,000 person capacity, with an extensive range of activities including beach volleyball, beach soccer, rock climbing, jet skiing, jet boating, kite boarding, banana boating, wind surfing, skateboarding, rollerblading, basketball, bungee jumping, go carting, hover crafting and services including surf club, aromatherapy beauty center, pet center, health center, gym center, markets, boutiques and more. There is even a VIP area, with workout facilities and trainers from the Mayadrom Fitness Center.

Non-Stop Beach offers a sandy stretch up at Kilyos, packed with sun worshippers and party people. Non Stop Beach in Kilyos is famous for its wide range of activities and active entertainment options. There are restaurant & cafes, a beach bar and a terrace bar on site. Regular concerts, DJ sets and beach parties take place here.

Golden Beach Club is situated in Marmaracık Koyu, where the Marmara and Black Seas meet. And it is only 12 km away from Sarıyer. This elite beach club, which is built on 220,000 m² land, offers a wide range of leisure facilities, dining and drinking options. The club also offers 3 staying options: a boutique hotel with 6 suit rooms, 26 beautiful on-site bungalows for those visitors who prefer to spend the night near sea and a camping area for those who prefer tents.

The Dalia Beach Club started operating in Summer of 2002 and has been targeting to create the Mediterranean feeling for the people in Black Sea.

With their green areas, bars, extraordinary fish menu in restaurant, private security, parking lot with thousand cars capacity, a beach volleyball field and a book reading area, The Dalia Beach Club is sure to satisfy you. Available in summer or winter, spring or fall, day or night anytime you wish.

True Blue Beach Club in Fenerbahce is one of Istanbul’s most beautiful and popular beaches with elite interior design, unique sea view and ambitious menu. Centrally located on the Asian shore of the Marmara Sea, this easily accessible beach club offers a pristine swimming pool, sandy beach, restaurant, cafe&bar and regularly hosts events such as concerts. True Blue has seen some of the biggest stars such as Katy Perry who preformed live in July 2009. True Blue Beach has a beautiful view at the sea. You see the islands and the sailing boats from Kalamis Marina and you can watch a beautiful sunset.