About Us

About Us

Having experience under a well disciplined banking sector, we offer a lot more than a regular company in the Real Estate sector. We promise for a reliable and professional service.

Our job is not to make you buy low profile properties that have less salability but to enlighten you about real opportunities. You will find out about disadvantages as well as advantages. Working with most prestigious real estate developer Companies of Turkey for years, we are far ahead in the Real Estate business.

Our mission is to meet you with well diversified , profit-promising, fast sellable, reliable alternatives. We analyze your needs, requests and approach to offer most suitable property for you. Our service is not consist of selling but also consulting. You will be receiving all aspects of your prospect investment (location, transportation, hospitals, shopping centers, interest in the area, quality and education of the district, etc.)

Do you need our consulting for a deal between you and a third party? We analyze and offer an independent consultation.


Nejat Özonay received his BS degree at İstanbul Technical University and completed his MBA program at University of Houston in the USA. He practiced 13-year-banking experience in different departments such as Treasury, Commercial Banking and Corporate Banking at Garanti Bank and worked as the Head of Mortgage and Real Estate Projects at Millennium Bank in İstanbul. His articles were published in a major newspaper which you can review under our website’s articles section. Nejat Özonay also published his articles and as a Mortgage Expert, answered followers’ Mortgage related questions on Turkey’s most popular Real Estate web site, emlakkulisi.com.

As he practiced under corporate governance of banking sector, you will comfortably be receiving a reliable professional service.