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Real Estate in Istanbul

Christian Churches in Istanbul

Christian Churches in Istanbul Around 98-99% of Turkey is Muslim, that leaves only 1-2% for Christians and Jews, mostly concentrated in Istanbul with their churches or synagogues having a legal status. Some of the major Christian churches in Istanbul are below: The Saint…

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Ottoman Sultans

Ottoman Sultans : Osman Gazi 1299-1326 Orhan Gazi 1326-1359 Murad Hudavendigar 1359-1389 Yildirim Bayezid 1389-1403 Celebi Mehmed 1413-1421 Murad II 1421-1451 Mehmed The Conqueror 1451-1481 Bayezid II 1481-1512 Yavuz Sultan Selim 1512-1520 Suleyman The Magnificent 1520-1566 Selim I 1566-1574 Murad…

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