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137 Thousand Foreigners Bought House In Turkey

137 Thousand Foreigners Bought House In Turkey

Number of foreigners in Turkey that invest in real estate reached 136,967. According to data from Land Registry and Cadastre management, of foreigners that bought house, English and Russians are the most in numbers. 36,478 English and 13,803 Russian have reals in Turkey. Also, 13,192 German, 8,272 Norwegian, 5,945 Irısh, 5,543 Danish, 5,538 Dutch, 4,803 Iraqi, 4,672 Belgian and 4,039 Kuwaiti bought real estate in Turkey.

Antalya was the most popular city among foreigners who wanted to invest in real estate. According to Manager of International real estate company Spot Blue, which is located in U.K., and Turkey real estate market expert Julian Walker: English and Northern Europeans buy summer houses from Turkey because climate is better and living expenses are cheaper.

According to Walker: Investors who is only interested in rent income usually aim for newly built houses in Bahçeşehir, Beylikdüzü, Halkalı and Esenyurt in İstanbul. Those investors are mostly Middle Eastern man from Saudi Arabia, Qatar, United Arab Emirates and Bahreyn.
June 2015